Are you happy – The backup story

cherriesRecenty in a conversation with IT sales reps, I asked the question – “How do pitch backup software”.  I got multiple answers – “Ask them what they are backing up”,. “Ask them what issues they have with backup” etc etc.

I reminded them that 9 times out of 10 their clients would already have some solution for backing up their data.  An analogy I used for approaching the backup question is the three word question.

The story goes like this.

Boy goes to the nightclub with a bunch of friends.  He sees a Lady he likes and decides to talk to her.  Boldly he walks up to and asks her for a dance.  She replies that she has a boyfriend.

Does he walk away head hanging low back to his buddies or does he simply ask her the three word question.  “Are you happy”

When you speak to your client about backups and they say that they already have a product ask them that question – “Are you happy with your current backup product”.  This opens up a dialog and potentially an opportunity to pitch to them a product that meets their needs.

You never know, Like the story of the boy in the nightclub, you might actually end up getting the girl.

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